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Can You Abort Nothing?

What is an abortion? 

“Planned Parenthood,” “women’s healthcare,” “life-saving medical treatment,” “reproductive rights,” “women’s rights,” “human rights,” “my body, my choice,” “pro-choice,” “birth control,” “bodily autonomy,” “freedom,” “no uterus no opinion,” and “ending a pregnancy” are just a few of the too-many euphemisms for what is actually taking place. 

The duplicitous terms and empowering happy talk are just covering up the fact that an abortion is really the act of intentionally killing a living unborn baby. 

It’s not a miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, or fetal demise. Those are all tragic and unintentional deaths of an unborn baby.

I heard someone the other day say abortion is okay because “a fetus isn’t anything.” They were attempting to make the “clump of cells” argument, which says that the unborn baby isn’t a unique human life and is nothing more than a clump of cells, no fancier than a tumor or colon polyp.

I have several problems with this idea. But first, I have a question:

Can you abort nothing?

“Abort” means to kill. If an unborn baby isn’t anything, if it’s literally nothing, is it even possible to kill nothing? 

Of course not. It’s only possible to kill living things.

It’s a ridiculous and nonsensical argument that’s radically anti-science, which is my second problem with this argument. It’s one thing to acknowledge that an unborn baby is a living person with a unique genetic code that’s different than the mother’s and say that the mother has the right to kill it; it’s a very different thing to say that a living unborn baby literally isn’t anything to begin with. 

Much like how pictures and videos of the atrocities from the Holocaust and, more recently, the slaughter of Jews by Hamas need to be spread so people can actually see the evil being perpetrated and not hide from it behind euphemisms and platitudes, evidence of what abortion actually is needs to be spread as well. 

If you click here you’ll see some terrible and incredibly graphic pictures of nothing, which is actually a plethora of aborted babies.

Even this self-proclaimed witch says it’s a living unborn baby, which is apparently very important for witchy rituals.  

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