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Ending My Quip Subscription

Well, I’m going to cancel my Quip toothbrush subscription because of unborn babies.

As most people who read my posts know, I’m a Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire fan. Shapiro did a podcast last week at the March for Life rally and made an incredible speech. Seriously, it’s one of the best pro-life speeches I’ve heard in a while. 

According to The Huffington Post and LifeSite News, Quip, the toothbrush company, revoked their advertisements from Shapiro’s show after his podcast at the March for Life rally.

In a statement Quip gave to Huffington Post, they discontinued their affiliation with Shapiro due to him reading a Quip ad in a venue (March for Life) Quip didn’t agree with because their values and the March for Life values don’t match up the same. 

Honestly, I don’t care that they ended advertising with Shapiro. That’s how capitalism works sometimes. Free markets and whatnot. And I’m not ending my subscription because they ended advertising with Shapiro. That would be dumb. 

I’m ending my subscription because I can’t continue to knowingly support a business that is against not killing babies in the womb. 

This sucks. I love my Quip toothbrush. Just ask my wife. It’s awesome. I gloat about it all the time. I have one at home and one I keep in my backpack. I’m going to continue to use the brush heads I already have, but I won’t be subscribed for any additional ones.

Below is the email I sent to Quip Customer Service a little bit ago. Hopefully they email me back. I also attached the video of Shapiro’s excellent speech.  

Good morning! 

Firstly, I love my Quip toothbrush. And I love that it has automatic refills. It’s sleek, efficient, just the right size, and beautiful, especially for a toothbrush. Seriously, the convenience of not having to leave my house to buy a new toothbrush is one of the best subscription plans I have ever purchased. 

Unfortunately, and it pains me to do this, I need to cancel my subscription. 

I read about Quip dropping its advertising from Ben Shapiro’s show after his March for Life podcast because he read the ad at a venue the company doesn’t endorse. And discontinuing advertising with Shapiro is totally fine with me; it’s a free market. That’s just how capitalism works sometimes.

I originally learned about Quip from Shapiro’s podcast. I used his promo code to get my toothbrush, actually. I also assumed that Quip was on board with the values he promotes frequently on his shows, since his entire platform is blatantly pro-life and is rather transparent about it.

So I wasn’t just excited about getting an excellent product; I was also excited that they endorsed a platform that has very similar values to the values I have myself, and I assumed that Quip had some of those values, too.

According to the Huffington Post website, Quip said, 

“Our mission is to make good oral health more accessible to everyone, and podcast advertising is one way we’re able to realize this,” Quip told HuffPost in a statement. “However, following one of our ads being read in a venue we did  not endorse, we have chosen to discontinue our advertising relationship with this show. We are also taking steps to ensure all of our advertising partners are aligned with our oral health mission and values.”


Perhaps there should’ve been a caveat after everyone in that first line. Like, “…accessible to everyone*…” *Everyone meaning everyone who wasn’t aborted, because we at Quip believe it’s a woman’s right to extinguish the life of the human inside of their womb. 

Morally, I cannot continue to subscribe to a company that shamelessly supports the killing of unborn humans. 

I’m discontinuing my subscription with Quip because I don’t agree with their mission statement or values anymore. Although, it sounds like I may never have agreed with their values and just didn’t know about it until now. 

Thank you for the excellent service and fantastic product. I sincerely pray that the Quip values change for the better. If things do change, then I will definitely be back, because I really love this toothbrush. 


Adam Hamilton


4 thoughts on “Ending My Quip Subscription

  1. Really ? It’s just capitalism. I highly doubt your tooth brush company cares about abortion. Just keep the subscription

    1. You read my blog? This is awesome! Thank you!

      From what I understand, they care enough about abortion to drop businesses who promote not-abortion. So yes, it’s capitalism, which also means it’s capitalism for me to go elsewhere for my toothbrush needs because there is more than one toothbrush company. And speaking of, I found another company called “Burst.” They have a similar refill plan for $6ish/month and the toothbrush is much better! Seriously. It’s awesome. Quip was great, but this legitimately seems to be a better product. https://www.burstoralcare.com/

  2. Found this blog, while trying to cancel my quip subscription. Great product, TERRIBLE customer service.

    Anyway…just wanted to tell you to go f**k yourself. Cheers!

    Admin note: The profanity was edited with asterisks by me, Adam, and not the poster of the comment.

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading!

      In response to the image you attached about tapeworms having heartbeats and feeling pain: While that may be true, a living tapeworm isn’t a human life. The pro-life position is more than just not killing whatever happens to be alive and growing inside of the womb. The important part isn’t that it’s some random living thing (whether it be a tapeworm, alien of some sort, assorted breed of salamander, etc.), but that it’s uniquely a human life. Both the born and the unborn are intrinsically valuable not because of their heartbeat and pain sensory function, but because we’re human. And from my position, we have that intrinsic value because we’re designed, as humans, in the image of our Creator.

      Side note: I have been incredibly pleased with the customer service and product quality of the Burst Oral Care people.

      Happy Saturday!

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