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If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball

Once again, it seems that I have ended up in Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon. Actually, I’m in the same seat from the last 4-ish visits. Have I mentioned that I love a good routine? Anyway, I have realized a few things since I arrived here.

1. The Christmas blend coffee really is slightly spicy. I thought the incredibly extroverted and cheerful barista, let’s call her Betty, was just kidding when she described the Christmas blend as “dark, earthy, and spicy.” So right after Barista Betty said “spicy” I quickly added a water to my order. That would’ve been horrible, burning my mouth from both temperature and spiciness at the same time. I mean, I expect to burn myself from the temperature just because I’m impatient when it comes to drinking hot things. But the spicy part would just be insult to injury. On a side note, I still haven’t figured out what “earthy” means. Maybe it means it doesn’t leave as much of a carbon footprint. Nope, wait, that’s a Prius. I guess “earthy” could mean it’s healthier than the other blends. After all, coffee is a natural laxative… and nothing says healthy like a good, old-fashioned cleanse. Maybe the earthy thing means it’s cheaper and more economical to make, but they still charge you the same inflated price for it. Dang it, I just described a Prius again.

2. I’m pretty sure there was some form of a high school sporting function today. There has been a ton of teenagers in and out of here over the past 30 minutes. They won’t stop coming in. And their clothes all match. They all have on either red, blue, and white, or bright green, black, and this purple-maroon color.  Weird. Oh, and the parents who come in also match… Maybe they’re all doing family pictures or something. Either way, it is definitely too cold for a middle-aged guy to be wearing a track suit. Especially when it didn’t even match the high school teenager colors. I am curious as to who won whatever was going on. They’re all so loud and rambunctious I can’t tell what they’re saying about whatever it was. The baristas are talking to each other about how many teenagers there are. This is a good practice opportunity for them with Black Friday coming up.  Maybe it was a dodgeball tournament. Those were the best. I’m not an overly competitive person, but I can watch dodgeball intently with the best of ’em! Nothing says “sportsmanship” quite like one human smoking another human in the face with a fast-moving rubber ball.

Well, I have a difficult decision to make now: Continue studying or go watch the Dodgeball movie. Oh! There’s option 3: Watch the 5th season of Flashpoint on Netflix. I love a good family-oriented Canadian cop show.

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