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Polyamorous Dating: 5 Tips for Dealing with Jealousy (and how to avoid it in the first place!)

I recently discovered this gem on my favorite feminism website, Everyday Feminism. The original article gave five tips on how to deal with jealously while in a polyamorous relationship.

As I was reading it, I found it to be somewhat lacking in a more preemptive solution. For example, anyone can give advice on how to cope with the side effects of cocaine use, but I want to know how to avoid using cocaine in the first place. 

So, being the continuous problem solver and giver of unsolicited advice* that I am, I have compiled five tips on how to avoid becoming jealous while engaging in romantic endeavors with multiple people simultaneously with the informed consent of everyone involved. 

  1. Don’t date polyamorously. 
  2. Don’t date polyamorously.
  3. Don’t date polyamorously.
  4. Don’t date polyamorously.
  5. Don’t date polyamorously.

Bonus tip: Don’t date polyamorously.

That’s right, it really is that simple. The most surefire guaranteed way to avoid jealousy in a polyamorous relationship is to not be in one in the first place. 

My name is Adam and thank you for reading my TED Talk.

*If you’re reading this on my website, then I’m pretty sure it is solicited advice since you traveled across the vast ocean of the internet and landed on my little island just to read something.

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