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BREAKING—Tyler Perry Exclusive Interview

HOLLYWOOD, CA—In an exclusive interview this past week, Tyler Perry told LDNN Cultural Correspondent Les Bernadette that he planned on releasing a new Madea movie in honor of Pride month.

We have a partial transcript of the interview below.

Perry: “Look, Madea is a big character with a big backstory. She has experienced so much and has overcame so much… I think this is the final piece of the Madea puzzle we’ve all been waiting for.”

Bernadette: “Oh! That sounds absolutely tantalizing! What can we expect in this upcoming cinematic experience?”

Perry: “Well, I can’t officially say much yet, but let’s just say that it involves Madea coming out to the world as a trans-woman.”

Halfway through the 30-minute interview Mr. Perry’s public relations team arrived and informed him and the LDNN that he would be unable to continue the discussion due to “cultural sensitivity concerns.”

The movie is slated to be released at the end of the month. Anonymous LDNN sources indicate the film’s title will be, Woo! A Madea Transition.

This is a developing story and we at the LDNN will update you as the news updates us.

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