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Guys Only: The Secret to Understanding Women

Fellas, women are complicated. 

Earlier today, I was feeling nostalgic. So I did what any guy experiencing that genre of emotion does; I played classic Relient K. Not Collapsible Lung classic, but Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right classic. There also may have been some Switchfoot involved in there too, but that’s beside the point.

So there I was, driving down the road, feeling all nostalgic and whatnot while letting my mind ponder the enigmas of the universe, then the Mood Rings song began to play. As Matt Thiessen’s voice gently boomed through the stock speakers in my Jeep, I realized that he really was onto something with the whole “mood ring” thing.

His idea was remarkably simple, yet revolutionary and unprecedented for its time: All women should wear mood rings.

If the women in our lives wore mood rings, us fellas would essentially have a new-found superpower and be able to know exactly what they’re feeling. And perhaps even know what they would be thinking, too. The possibilities of such a feat would be endless…and maybe a little terrifying.

Guys, nothing shows the women in your life that you love/care about/tolerate them like cheap jewelry purchased shortly after a major second-tier holiday. So I’ve taken the liberty of including links to both the Mood Rings song and to a price-efficient and Prime-eligible mood ring from Amazon purchasing.

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