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I Received the COVID-19 Vaccine

I received the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. However, I’ve been wondering if it will actually be effective or not due to one legitimate scientific concern. I shall elaborate. 

I don’t plan to post about my getting vaccinated on social media. Generally speaking, I believe that those who do post about such things primarily want either moral validation from others or desire some form of mildly dysfunctional emotional self-stimulation.

To be fair, take my position on that with a grain of salt because it has a caveat: the DTaP vaccine. That is an immunization worth posting about because tetanus ain’t no joke. Without it, we’re all just one rusty nail or misplaced splinter away from a severely uncomfortable demise.

Anyway, I received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. My arm feels like it received an injection in the muscle, which it rightfully should feel because it did, in fact, receive an injection into the muscle. Otherwise, I don’t notice any ill effects as of yet. 

But as I stated earlier, I may not have any ill effects simply because the vaccine might not work at all because I didn’t post about it on social media.

That’s my concern: Will this vaccine even be effective if I don’t post about it on social media? Scientifically speaking, it’s hard to say. COVID knew to not transmit itself between the peacefully violent protestors over the summer because they were destroying property that wasn’t theirs for a questionably rightful cause. If the virus knew to leave those people alone, who’s to say its vaccine isn’t also intelligent enough to distinguish being effective for those who post about it on social media and those who don’t. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.


I feel different.

What’s that thing I read a while back about vaccines causing autism? Is that happening to me now? Maybe Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy were both onto something…

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Seriously, vaccines don’t cause autism. Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy are both crazy people. Go get vaccinated for all the things, especially tetanus.

Also, even if there were a legitimate link between vaccines and autism, which there isn’t, wouldn’t it be better to have an alive child with autism than to have an autismless child die an incredibly awful death from an easily preventable illness?


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