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Incorrect Social Media

Social media has been bothering me lately. A lot. 

It’s mainly the pictures with words that people “share” and then live their life by. Most, if not all, of them are utterly wrong and people take them at face value and believe it as truth.

It’s almost like they completely lack the ability to think critically.

I guess people are like sheep in the sense that whoever yells the loudest is the rightest. Example: Worded pictures that get circulated more than others must be right since they’ve been shared 4k+ times.

So, in an effort to appease my inner frustration, I have corrected a few of the most circulated ones that appeared on my Facebook timeline. I hate Facebook.

Really, if I didn’t have this website I would probably completely get rid of my Facebook. I still might. I haven’t decided yet.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments, feel free to contact me.

Please, just think before you post on social media; if you don’t and then post pictures like these, people like me will think you’re an idiot.

But hey, if you do, then you most likely are an idiot and will probably have an issue with me judging you for it.

Wait. If you feel like I’m judging you, then that means you made a judgment… Which means you judged me, so you can’t be upset by it. That would be a double standard and hypocritical. People who dislike judging are generally the biggest judgers.

Back up a little. Let me define judging before this gets out of hand; according to the Google, judging is “form an opinion or conclusion about.” So, we all judge all the time. It happens anytime we form an opinion about something.

If someone were to say that I’m judging them, then they would be judging me because they formed an opinion or conclusion about what I was doing. Bam. Judging.

I’m a judger. Because “right” judging is a good thing. Hypocritical judging is not, just like inconsistency with personal belief systems is not. Oh consistency with what one believes…that’s a separate blog.


Have a lovely day, and in the words of Beca from the hit film Pitch Perfect, “…make good choices.” 



Side note: I don’t mean any of these to anyone personally. If I did, I would have told it to your face by now. That would be fun.


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