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Mother’s Day 2023

An open letter to my mom (and every mom).

Dearest Mother,

From the bottom of my heart, which has been beating since I was a wee lad of only four to six weeks gestation, thank you for not aborting me. I know it wasn’t always convenient or easy for you, but because of your kindness I now consider myself to be rather fortunate that I didn’t happen to be one of the 2,363 babies who are killed every day by abortion in America. Interestingly, more black babies are aborted each year in New York than are actually born and in California, mothers can abort their babies nearly a month after birth and it’s completely legal. That’s crazy!

But I digress.

Anyway, because of your loving and selfless decision to not abruptly terminate me while I was still in utero, I’ve been able to experience life, which I think has been pretty great thus far.

So thanks, Mom, you’re awesome!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Adam (and literally every other human who has ever been born)

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