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Pro-Choice and Pro-Slavery

Pro-choice people have to also be pro-slavery. The two are fundamentally the same. You can’t be for one while simultaneously against the other.

Back in the olden days of America, slavery was as common as it was atrocious. Black people were viewed as less-than-human, devoid of any rights, and viewed as property. In short, the logic was, “You’re on my property and you’re also my property, so I decide what your worth is, what privileges you’ll receive, if you’re human or not, and if you deserve to live. This is all my property and I’ll do what I want with it and with you, because it’s mine and on my land.”

Pro-abortionists have the same logic: “It’s the mother’s body [property], it’s [her body and what is on, or in, it] hers to do whatever she pleases with it,” “The unborn baby isn’t actually human, it’s just a cluster of cells,” “This is my body, I can do what I want with it,” “I’ll decide if this baby is convenient for me or not at this point of my life, and I’ll decide if it should live or die.”

Sound similar?

“But the baby might possibly maybe have a congenital defect or severe disability. It would be better for it to not be born at all. With potential low quality of life and the inconvenience, it would cause to the mother, we would be doing it a favor by terminating the pregnancy.”

That is the same as deciding if the baby is human or not. After all, if the fetus is human, then it has inherent rights and killing it would be infringing upon those rights. If we pretend that it’s sub-human, or not human, or not alive, then those rights vanish making it no more than a cancerous mass that needs to be removed. Except it isn’t. Pretending otherwise is very bad, some might even say it’s evil. Oh, slave owners also thought they were doing black people a favor by keeping them as slaves and doing all of the unspeakable things they did to them. 

“But women should have the choice to abort the baby if they were raped. They shouldn’t be forced to carry a tiny human that they’ll resent because they were abused and didn’t choose to get pregnant. Abortion needs to be legal because women need that option if they get pregnant due to rape since it happens so frequently.” 

No doubt about it, that’s an incredibly emotional and sucky event. However, the way the pregnancy occurred does not carry any weight pertaining to if the baby should be permitted to live or not. It’s not the fetuses fault the mother got pregnant. It’s still a tiny, living human, regardless of its origins.

Let’s make a hypothetical deal: First, we need to make rape illegal, that way people won’t do it anymore, because people don’t do illegal things—just like how banning guns will keep them out of the hands of criminals. Second, only pregnancies resulting from rape will be allowed, but not the others.

Fun fact: of the 730,322-ish abortions that took place in the United States in 2011, less than 1% of those were because of rape-induced pregnancy. Maybe pregnancy due to rape really isn’t that common…

“You’re not a pregnant woman in crisis, so you have no right to talk about abortion. It’s not an experience you can understand.”

Congratulations, we have now shifted from a logical, rational conversation to one based solely on feelings, emotions, and opinions. As we all know, is impossible to have a factual, rational conversation with someone who is relying on their emotions, feelings, and opinions to count as facts. Don’t believe me? Try having a conversation with an angry toddler.   

“If you’re against abortion so much, then don’t have one.”

Don’t worry, people who are against abortions won’t have them. However, as humans who weren’t aborted, we have a moral obligation to speak out against the bad behavior of other humans. Supporting abortion is one of those bad behaviors.

Long story short, being pro-choice is fundamentally the same as being pro-slavery. You decide what is and isn’t human, what is and isn’t property, what does and doesn’t deserve to live, and it’s all usually motivated by the convenience of the property holder. Abortion is the new slavery.

I encourage you, click on these links for more information from people who are both more knowledgeable and more literarily fluent than I am.

Also, enjoy this video of Ben Shapiro talking about abortion. It’s only 5:37 long, but it’ll blow your mind.






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