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Quick Question about Potential Presidential Disqualification

I’m currently watching the second Presidential Debate. Biden said something and now I have a question. Just one question at the moment, but I may have more questions later. 

Below is the C-SPAN video of the debate. Fast forward to 28:42-ish. President Trump essentially says that 200,000 people have died of COVID in the United States and points out that 200,000 deaths are still too many, but much better than the 2+ million that were originally estimated to die from it. 

When Biden responds, he basically says that anyone who is responsible for 200,000 deaths should not be allowed to remain as President.

Since we’re all marginally intelligent people, including Biden, it should be safe to assume that we all know President Trump didn’t literally kill the 200,000-ish people with his bare hands or have any policy in place (as far as I’m aware) that directly resulted in the deaths of all those people.

Since President Trump didn’t kill them all with either of those methods, that means he just happened to be the guy in office at the time of the worldwide pandemic. 

So, here is my question: If Biden’s position is that President Trump is responsible for those deaths by dint of happening to be President at the time of the pandemic, and thus should be disqualified because of the 200,000-ish deaths, does that also disqualify Biden from running based on his own standard?

From all medical research I’ve seen, every abortion literally kills a human being. Between the years of 2008-2016, during Biden’s tenure as Vice President of the United States, there were 6,383,960 abortions in the United States, per the CDC.

6.3 million.

Every single one of those deaths took place while Biden held the second most powerful position in the United States, arguably the world, for eight years, and those deaths were all directly related to policy the Obama/Biden administration passed. 

Sure, that was four + years ago, but both Biden and Harris have still publicly stated that they’re in favor of late-term abortion on demand. 

If Biden remains intellectually consistent with his own standard, he should withdraw from the Presidential Race. After all, 6.3 million deaths directly caused by policies he was involved in enacting certainly dwarfs the 200,000 deaths that weren’t directly caused by President Trump’s management of a worldwide pandemic. 













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