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The Shared Wedding, part 2

New semester, same predicament.

School started yesterday. This summer we’re covering Trauma in my paramedic class. The basic concept of EMS and trauma is simple; plug the holes.

But what I realized—and this blog is proof of it—is that my mind runs at a million miles an hour at the most inconvenient times.

Take right now for example: I have a very opportune time to study, but instead I’m torn between writing this blog, reading more of Never Go Back by Dr. Henry Cloud, and finding a clever way to send a tweet to Hugh Jackman. Maybe I can accomplish all three at once.


The Shared Wedding is in 4 days. Yes, only 4.

Tomorrow is his bachelor party. Why? Because only cool kids throw bachelor parties on Wednesdays…and because we all have strange schedules and it was the only day that worked. So that’s tomorrow evening. I can’t say what we’re doing, because Jared doesn’t know yet and it’s a secret. But I will be sure to write about it and take lots of video for the Best Man Diaries.

Speaking of, the Best Man Diaries is officially on the Internet now. YouTube to be exact; at this link here. Or, don’t click the link and watch it at the bottom of the page.

The rehearsal dinner is on Friday. I found out earlier this morning that it’s actually a dinner! According to Bride Shelby, we’re supposed to go to Logan’s Steakhouse and then rehearse wedding stuff. This might just be the event I’ve been waiting for to break out my casual vest I bought during our tux fitting. Hopefully we won’t be rehearsing all night though and I’ll have time to do something after the rehearsal is finished. Maybe ice cream. Possibly a victory frosty, but that’s still up in the air.

The actual wedding is Saturday afternoon. Co-Best Man Alex and I have pretty much figured out this whole “speech” thing. Now we just have to write one.That was a sarcastic joke, kind of.

At some point during the reception there’s supposed to be dancing and loud music. That’s probably what I’m looking forward to most. I relish any opportunity to break out bad ‘90’s dance moves, especially when it’s expected and socially acceptable. Trust me, timing is everything with dances from the ‘90’s; you can’t just break out a Lighthouse or a Sprinkler in the middle of Walmart anymore. Oh, or any of the dances that were in the Dirty Dancing movie. Those are all a big no-no. Oops.

To be festive and more wedding-savvy than I already am [more sarcasm], I started watching wedding movies. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched Wedding Crashers, What Happens in Vegas, Safe Haven, The Rebound, 27 Dresses, Meet the Parents, The Wedding Planner, Wedding Crashers (I watched it twice…maybe 3 times), The Proposal, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Pride and Prejudice, and a few select episodes of How I Met Your Mother, just to make it well-rounded.

I must say, I feel 100% moderately prepared now.

This wedding thing is going to be fun!

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