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Should We Give Our Guns to the Government?

I was reading some news stuff the other day and was informed that President Trump is literally Hitler.

Then, in the wake of the Dayton and El Paso shootings, I saw more news stuff saying that we, as a country, should restrict firearms even further and turn in the ones we possess to the government. I found this to be an odd paradox. Let me explain: 

[Disclaimer: I wasn’t alive in the Nazi Germany era, so I only know the information I have from reading some books. But who needs books when you have emotional feel-good arguments to badger people with, right?]

Here is my understanding of Hitler in the briefest way I can state it: Hitler was an awful person. He was incredibly racist and succeed in the systematic murdering of 6 million Jews. The actual number is unknown, but 6 million is the generally-agreed-upon number. Oh, and roughly 1.5 million of those were children. And they were subjected to starvation, various forms of torture, medical experiments, countless other evil acts, and then were killed. 

So, Hitler and Nazism are really bad. Like, really bad.

Germany sucked during the Nazi era, Hitler was in control of the government, and the German people were basically entirely disarmed via that government. 

I could just be an idiot, but I don’t understand why we should we give our guns to the government if Trump is the new Hitler and is in charge of the very government we would be giving our firearms to? If things are remotely heading toward, or already are, the Nazi era with a new Hitler leading it, then shouldn’t we keep our firearms? 

Really, if that’s the case, shouldn’t we buy more? That eradication of Jews/WWII thing was kind of a big deal. 

If I’m not mistaken, a country having a well-armed citizenry is an excellent way to prevent the government from becoming tyrannical in the first place. And if the government still somehow manages to become tyrannical, then a well-armed citizenry is an excellent way to stop it from progressing.

Yes, mass shootings are tragic and horrible. Some people shouldn’t have firearms (and most of the ones who commit mass shootings, or illegal homicides for that matter, aren’t legally allowed to have them anyway).

Yes, President Trump has a lot of issues. He’s a remarkably flawed human and has questionable Twitter behavior and says inappropriate things more frequently than I approve of. 

However, if the argument is that we should all give our guns to the government and voluntarily disarm ourselves to prevent mass shootings, while simultaneously shouting that President Trump is literally Hitler, I can’t get on board with that. Logically it just doesn’t make any sense.

Personally, I don’t believe the hype that President Trump is Hitler. I haven’t seen any evidence that says, “I’m the new Hitler, let’s kill us some Jews!” Really, what I’ve seen kind of indicates the opposite. 

Furthermore, if he is a Nazi and/or a racist, then he’s one of the most incompetent racist Nazis I have ever heard of. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem…that’s literally the opposite of what he should’ve done if he’s a racist and/or Nazi.

Also, there are several other reasons why I think we should all have firearms and why restrictions on them actually need to be lessened, not increased, but those are different conversations for a different time. 

But for this conversation now, if I’m expected to voluntarily disarm myself to prevent mass shootings that my firearms wouldn’t be participating in, and then give those lawfully-possessed firearms to the government with a literal Nazi at the head of it, yeah no. Hard pass. That sounds like a horrible idea.

Bonus thought: Generally, mass shootings end when someone with a second gun arrives. Wouldn’t it make more sense if everyone who is legally allowed to carry a firearm carried one? That would substantially increase the number of second guns around. 

Remember the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs? Not really? A man with a second gun arrived for that one and literally saved the day. 






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