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In case you haven’t noticed, the TT website layout has changed a little over the past few days. According to Best Friend Zack, I got suckered into buying a website theme. Apparently there are really good free ones available or he can code them or something.. But that is a blog all by itself. So, note to self: Don’t buy any new website themes.

I said all that to say this: While changing the theme, I discovered that I had a blog hiding in the “drafts” folder. It looks like it was one I started a while back but never finished. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t finish it though… We’ll find out.

So, here…it…is. The Lost Blog.

[begin The Lost Blog]

Well, I have found my way into the local Starbucks again on a Sunday afternoon.

My original intent for going today was to catch up on some much needed studying. And let me tell ya, nothing says “riveting study experience” quite like memorizing medications. In fact, it is so riveting that I needed this study break just to contain myself.

Of all my many trips to Starbucks over the past month, this has to be the strangest. Normally, I have no difficulty getting into my inner quiet study-zone. But today is different. Today is weird. I just can’t seem to focus. At all.

Let me set the scene of what is around me:

I’m sitting at my usual table half way in the corner. Actually, it’s 3 mini tables all put together to make one big one with enough chairs for 6 people. I generally have 2 thoughts that occur to me almost simultaneously whenever I go to sit here. 1.) “Wow, that’s a really big table for just my backpack and me, I should probably sit at a smaller one. That’d be more considerate and adult of me.” Immediately followed by, 2.) “Ha! A smaller one… Yeah, no. This one has a great location and it also means strangers can’t sit near me. I’ll keep it and that group of high schoolers can cram around the small circular table.”

So now I’m sitting at my overly large table(s) with the contents of my backpack proudly scattered across all 3 to give the impression that I’m studying super hard. Of course, I am studying super hard, just not right now. Right now I’m typing a blog. Duh.

The Powerstrip Table is to my left. I call it the Powerstrip table because, well, it has several electrical powerstrips on it. It usually attracts the gamer-esk people or the ones who have laptops with sucky battery life. There is also a round table in front of me. At the Powerstrip table is Stan and Molly, and at the round table is Peter, Paul, and Mary. And yes, those are fake names. But they all really do look like they’d have hippie names like that.

Stan and Molly are here more than I am, which is both impressive and sad at the same time. Usually they bring in their pimped out gamer laptops and play World of Warcraft with each other for hours at a time. I know this because I hear them talk about how a “battle-mage” and “war-elf” did something nerdy and “horrifically tragic and detrimental” to their character. I find it really amusing to listen to, just because they get so into their game. I mean, seriously, they get into their game. One of these days they’ll probably come in wearing cloaks and Gandalf hats. But them doing their gamer stuff is normal and happy and not distracting to me.

It’s the other table.

The Peter, Paul, and Mary table.

They’re all in their very early 30’s or super late 20’s. Peter and Mary appear to be married to each other, and judging by their obnoxious use of red, white, and the IU logo, I would guess they went to Indiana University. Peter is still in college from the sounds of their conversation. Paul sounds single and is trying to brag about his mass amounts of money and life success, which doesn’t sound overly successful. Sorry, Paul, buying a TV for your bedroom isn’t that impressive; it’s time for you to move out of your mom’s house. And Mary…well… she’s just kind of quiet and won’t let go of Pete. Poor fella, it looks like her grip is stronger than the bite of a crocodile around his poor, ashy-looking hand.

Trying to deflect the attention off of him, Paul asked Peter and Mary if and when they’re going to have kids. Judging from their responses, I would guess it wasn’t something they discussed before getting married. It went something like this:

Paul: “Enough about me and my bags of money and life success! When can we expect a little Peter and little Mary showing up?”

Peter: “Uh, we don’t want any for at least anther 4 years. And only 1, if that.”

Mary: “What? No, honey, I thought we decided on at least 2 and that we were going to try later this year?”

Peter, slightly irritated: “No, dear. You’re confused again and have been listening to your mother too much.”

Mary: “Paul, so you’re still single and living with your mom?”

It was a trainwreck of a conversation. After that, I decided my study break was over.

I look up from my books 16 oz. of coffee and 2 hours later to discover that Peter, Paul, and Mary had left. Where they went, I’m not sure. Hopefully they all went to a counselor of some sort, but most likely to an IU game or some wild party.

I glanced over at the Powerstrip table to see Stan and Molly still going at it with their games and thought to myself, “you guys are awesome and so quiet! You’re awesome because you’re quiet.” We need more Stan and Mollys. But he should probably lose the fedora. You should only be able to wear those if you were alive when they were first in style. Or only when you’re dressed appropriately for it, and not in a sweater-vest with jeans and flip flops.

[end of The Lost Blog]


Well, after reading that and reflecting, I think I know why it was lost in the drafts folder.

Next time, I’ll talk about a stuffed squirrel named Stubby or something entertaining.


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