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What is it like to be God?

What is it like to be God?

Comedian Michelle Wolf had a recent comedy show where she told everyone what she thought it was like to be God. She’s incredibly misguided and basically completely wrong. But I think this is an excellent opportunity for me to say what I think God is like.

I shall explain, but first…

Breaking news: Abortion is the intentional killing of a baby. There is no way around it. Science proves it. And Michelle Wolf kind of confirmed it in a twisted way. 

In one of her comedy specials, Michelle Wolf made a joke about how women should be able to have an abortion for any reason anytime they want. She also said: 

WOLF: You feel like you should have this sense of shame after you get an abortion. Well you can feel any way you want after you get an abortion. Get one! See how ya feel!

You know how my abortion made me feel? Very powerful. You know how people say you can’t play God? I walked out of there being like, “Move over, Morgan Freeman, I am God.”

This is awful. Straight up Nazi-era eugenics awful.

I’m pretty sure this proves that abortion is the intentional killing of a baby. Let me explain: 

If the unborn baby isn’t a baby, if it’s just a cluster of lifeless, random, meaningless cells like most pro-choice people claim, then:

1) Why would there be any remote consideration of shame about removing it from the body?

2) Why would Wolf need to feel powerful and God-like after killing her unborn baby?

3) From my understanding of how God works, firstly, I don’t think he kills babies and, secondly, I certainly don’t think he celebrates people performing the action of convenience-killing. 

1) If abortion is just the removal of a lifeless mass of tissue, then it shouldn’t be any bigger of a deal to people (both the woman having the abortion and everyone else) than the passing of a kidney stone, having one’s gallbladder removed, or having an appendectomy. People have those things all the time and there’s nothing special about it. 

But it’s not just the removal of random tissue; all available science says abortion is the ending of a human life. Lifelessness doesn’t have a heartbeat, a unique genetic code, and it certainly doesn’t develop into a functioning human if left to its own natural processes. 

2) If Wolf’s unborn child were lifeless and no more than an infected gallbladder that needed to be removed, why would she need to feel powerful and God-like after having it removed? Generally, people only make the “I feel powerful” claims after doing something that significantly affects the life or wellbeing of another person.

From a logical standpoint, why would she need to feel God-like for aborting her baby if it’s just trivial and meaningless? Unless, of course, it isn’t trivial and meaningless.

3) Of all the possible attributes Wolf could’ve picked about God, she chose to say “very powerful” and that she is God. If Wolf is a representation or ambassador of God’s character, I don’t want any part of that God. 

If God is even remotely like Wolf, meaning if he’s an authoritarian who likes to demonstrate his power by convenience-killing unborn children and then boasts about it to other people about how wonderful it was, I don’t want any part of that God. 

Fortunately, I think every reasonable person knows that her joke was morbid and, dare I say, evil because pretty much everyone inherently knows that an unborn baby is a human life and that ending a pregnancy is ending that life.

As I reflect more on this, I’m reminded of a fantastic book I read a while back, Perfectly Human by Sarah Williams. I wrote a review for it here. I think everyone should read this book. It really is fantastic.

Rather than “playing God,” like Wolf did, by demonstrating misguided power by killing a defenseless baby whose only “crime” was being in a location that was inconvenient to Wolf, like she boasts about, Williams chose to express love, tenderness, and compassion toward her unborn baby, who was also terminally-ill.

If God is remotely close to how Wolf describes him, then I don’t want any part of that God. But a God like Williams describes in her book, a God who is infinitely loving and compassionate, a God who Williams claimed to represent by treating her terminally-ill unborn baby with more love, tenderness, and compassion in that first nine months than most people see in a lifetime… I could get behind a God like that.

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