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Let’s Digress About Who Should Make Laws…Again.

I saw the “MEN SHOULDNT BE MAKING LAWS ABOUT WOMEN’S BODIES” picture circulating on social media again. I’ve written about it before, but I think it may be time to circle back to it for round two.

Many of us know by now that Texas has passed a pro-life law. It’ll be interesting to see how everything shakes out from it, but the interwebs are aflame with some people celebrating and others panicking. The purpose of this post isn’t to discuss the content matter of the law, but rather one of the pictures going around and its blatant bigotry from those who post it (depending on if I’m correct or not). 

I have been reliably informed from sources like Everyday Feminism that there are an infinite number and infinite combination of genders and/or biological sexes and that it’s all a spectrum or fluid concept and that it is impossible to know what another person’s gender and/or sex are at any given moment. I have also been reliably informed that it is physically, emotionally, and existentially harmful to misgender someone or to even assume their gender.

If that is all correct, which I have legitimate doubts about, then the position of men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies is severely harmful, hateful, small-minded, and bigoted. 

Bonus thought: If I’m mistaken, which I doubt, and the contention of Everyday Feminism and the political left are correct, then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki needs to publicly apologize and resign over snapping at a male reporter when she told him that he wasn’t a female, was unfamiliar with the female experience, and had never been pregnant. If I’m mistaken, which I doubt, then it was remarkably cis-normative for her to assume such things and to slander him in such a public and disparaging way. Also, if she doesn’t voluntarily resign and publicly apologize, then I believe President Biden has a moral and ethical obligation to remove her from her position as press secretary due to the very public and unabashed bigotry that she unleashed from the podium of the most powerful office in the country. 

That’s all if I’m mistaken, but I digress… 

Last time I checked, there was a civil rights act passed sometime over the past several decades, which makes it illegal for employers and whatnot to discriminate based on sex. If I understand this correctly, it is illegal to prevent male lawmakers from making laws pertaining to women strictly on the grounds of their gender (and vice versa), as well as making it illegal to prevent males (and females) from being placed in the vocational position of lawmakers in the first place. This illogical circle is even more problematic because it assumes that the male lawmakers are actually male, aren’t female, haven’t had female experiences to qualify them as a credible source to make such “female” laws, and is kind of small-minded because assumes the sex/gender binary of male-female and not the infinite/fluid concept position held by many on the political left and those who advocate for these types of political memes that this entire post is about.

Additionally, if men were only able to make laws for men and women for women, then that would set a rather dangerous precedent, especially if gender identification is even half as complex as the Everyday Feminism and the political-left crowd says it is. That line of logic could quickly devolve further into “only x race can make laws for x race,” “x age for x age,” “x sexual orientation for x sexual orientation,” etc. Sheesh, talk about an actual institutional form of discrimination!

However, if we are going to covert to this style of law making, can we finally overturn Roe v. Wade now? Roe v. Wade was a terribly written piece of law and it was written and decided by men. Look at the bright side: If it’s overturned, not only would that rip that power away from the pesky male patriarchy, but it would put abortion law back to the individual states, where it belongs, and would remove more power from the federal government, which happens to primarily be operated by men.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, I have an alternative option: Men are men, women are women, this “MEN SHOULDNT BE MAKING LAWS ABOUT WOMEN’S BODIES” idea is idiotic, the unborn baby inside of a woman isn’t actually the woman’s body but is its own unique human life which has inherent value and rights because it’s human, and we should still overturn Roe v. Wade because it’s a dumpster fire of awful, terribly written, no good, very bad law that has caused a boatload of problems for both pro-abortion and pro-life advocates and has resulted in power being relocated from the states to the federal government and has directly related to the killing of more than 65 million babies.

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