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Non-Policy Quibbles about Harris and Biden

I have some quibbles about Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. 

Firstly, I’ve read their policy proposals and watched their debates and other interviews. I fundamentally disagree with them on essentially all of their policy suggestions and what they think about America. 

But aside from that, I think they’re both terrible, dishonest people. 

At a minimum, one of them is telling the truth and the other is outright lying, which makes 50% of them terrible as individuals, and both of them 100% terrible as a team. 

But I think it’s more likely that they’re both lying and both terrible. 

Let me explain. 

Let’s go back in time to the Democratic debates. On the debate stage, Harris legitimately accused Biden of being a segregationist and racist. Link here!

Let’s go even further back in time to 2019. Women had begun to come forward and alleged being sexually assaulted and raped by Biden at various points in time in the past. 60 Minutes (in Australia!) just did a special on Tara Reade about it. Harris said she believed all of their allegations. Link here! 

So here’s part of my quibble: Either Biden actually is a racist sexual assailant and Harris is rightly calling him out on it or Biden isn’t a racist sexual assailant and Harris is lying and making horrific accusations and tarnishing the character and reputation of a man in a way that often isn’t able to be recovered from.

Perhaps both are true. I don’t know. 

But my point is this: 

1) If Harris genuinely believes that Biden is a racist sexual assailant (other than the obvious moral/ethical/character issues of him being a racist sexual assailant), what does that say about her character for agreeing to be the running mate of such a terrible racist sexual assailant?

2) If Biden actually isn’t a racist sexual assailant and is completely innocent on those allegations and Harris made it all up, what does that say about her character for making the claims in the first place? And what does that say about Biden’s character for choosing her to be his running mate? 

It seems like a lose-lose situation to me. 

And that’s not including their terrible policy ideas.

That’s also ignoring all of the newly-breaking 2016 scandal stuff about President Obama, the FBI, the CIA, and Hillary Clinton all colluding together to crash the Trump campaign. Since Obama was President at the time, I can only assume Biden was also aware of it since he was the Vice President at the time. 

And that’s ignoring Kamala Harris literally prosecuting a journalist in 2016 when she was California attorney general because she didn’t like what that journalist was reporting on. Seriously. 

I have yet to meet anyone who can square this circle in any meaningful or intellectually moral way and I’m profoundly uncomfortable supporting either of those two because of it. So, if you can make it make sense, please, comment below or shoot me an email at adam@letsdigress.com.

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