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Toy Story Plot Hole?

The kids and I were watching Toy Story earlier tonight. I’ve seen this movie more as an adult over the past two years than I ever did as a kid, which is impressive because it seems like my family watched it nearly on a loop growing up.

Anyway, I’ve got quite a few Toy Story reps under my belt now and tonight I discovered something I’ve never noticed before, which is all well and good, except I’m beginning to question how realistic the plot is and I’m having a difficult time getting past it. 

Spoilers might be involved somehow, but I don’t think it counts as a spoiler anymore since the movie is nearly 30 years old. 

Do you remember the scene near the end where Buzz and Woody are trying to get back into the moving van and they get separated, Buzz ends up tussling with Scud under the car, Woody gets into the back of the moving van, and after encountering the other toys, grabs the RC car and uses its remote to control it to get Buzz?

If you don’t remember, I included the scene below so you can watch it. 

So here’s my sticking point: Why does the RC car need Woody to use the remote to control it?

Seriously, the RC car is sentient and autonomous enough to communicate with the other toys and to drive himself around Andy’s room, which he does throughout the entire movie. So why does he have to be controlled by someone using the remote to go pick up Buzz?

Couldn’t Woody have just said, “RC, Buzz is under that car, I need you to go get him!” Not only would that have communicated with RC what the plan was, but that also would’ve informed the other toys what was going on so they wouldn’t have thrown Woody out of the moving van. 

It’s this kind of plot inconsistency that makes me question the realism of the movie. 

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